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The Cornell Food & Brand Lab

Get Involved!

Internship & Research Opportunities at the Lab

The Food and Brand Lab has students working in the lab throughout the school year and over the summers. This opportunity is open to Cornell and non–Cornell college students. . .of all majors! An interest in food and eating (and working hard) is all you need.

For more information about these opportunities, please visit our Internship page.

Attend Consumer Camp

The Food and Brand Lab sets aside two days in June each year to hold Consumer Camp up on the Cornell Campus in Ithaca, NY. Consumer Camp allows our lab to directly share some of what we have learned with consumers, teachers, new friends, and old friends.

For more information about Consumer Camp, please visit our Consumer Camp Page.

Participate in a Study

The Food and Brand Lab is always looking for study participants. To find out what projects we are doing and what type of participants we need, please visit the Leedr Lab sign–up page.

If you have questions about the experience, visit our FAQS for study participants page.